The Deadspeak EP

by Pyrophobia

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released May 15, 2011

All music and lyrics by Jakub Pelczar.

Drums programming by Michal Wyrwa and Jakub Pelczar.

Band logo by Dawid Giemza and Michal Wyrwa.

Mixed and mastered by Widek ( in April 2011.

Pyrophobia would like to thank all friends for their support, especially to Pawel Leniart.



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Pyrophobia Rzeszow, Poland

Pyrophobia is a Polish technical death metal band formed in 2010 in Rzeszow (PL) by Jakub Pelczar. At first it was a solo project but after a few months it was joined by guitarist Michal Wyrwa , Arkadiusz Czernicki and Paweł Szczupak.

In may 2011 they released their debut demo “The Deadspeak”. Right now they are working on a new material for their first full length album.
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Track Name: The Deadspeak
Go forth, pray to the stars
Soon all my secrets will be revealed
Don't stop, watch through my eyes
Soon a mystic wisdom will be unleashed

I am a future and a past
A messenger of chaos
Tormented by the endless dream

I am the darkness and the light
A genocidal messiah
Incarnation of all your fears

Rise up and shed your blood
A liquid fire hidden in a flesh
Wake up, kill your own God
Touch a spectral spheres
Touch if you dare

A symbols gather on the sky
Burning like a grotesque torches
Uroboros devours its tail

The whisper of the storm
Calls a deadly force of nature
Whole world will drown in agony
To be reborn

Through Deadspeak - I called you
Through Deadspeak - I found you
Through Deadspeak - I taught you
Through Deadspeak - I walked with you

Through Deadspeak - I mark you
Through Deadspeak - I bound you
Through Deadspeak - I curse you
Through Deadspeak - I live in you
Track Name: Rise of the Fire God
Invocations tears out
the gates of world
Constellations loosing
his primal force

Ancient structures have transformed
in the new form
Strength becomes a weakness
Imprisoned race drown in lies
of his own minds
Hate becomes a sickness

Walking through
a cold mist of penumbra
I had a dream
that my time is finally come

Pulsing rhythm of awakening rises my anger
Flames start’s to grow higher
Strong vibrations of ether reveals a truth
Dawn of a lunar cycle – Rise of the Fire God

War has coming
Brought new order
In the name of
Your true father

Your God
Track Name: Wings of Pandemy
It was like a ravenous wave
Eruption of decay
Infection of our souls

Wind sound’s like
A breathe among hypnotic silence
Unnatural evolution of men start’s now

He has live among us
Spreading his plague

It’s a chant of the universe
Uncontrolled, bestial rage of Thanatos
His wrath will torn out the earth
Eternal sun will fade
Our race will fall

Enslaved by a voice of the mystic being,
lost in a lunatic dreams
We fear not

Standing on ashes of our past
Dancing on ancestor’s graves
We fear not

We still dreaming

Under the bleeding sky
We will wait for return of light
Living like a slaves
We will serve to the divine might

Hymn Of thousand wings
Brought Rain of the pestilence
We are pandemy
The children of the fire

The children of the fire